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The photobioreactor is a facility at ECN for testing photobiological conversions under realistic climatic conditions. The reactor has been used for cultivation of microalgae and for photobiological hydrogen production from sun light by anaerobic photosynthetic bacteria.

Technical information

  • Plexiglas bubble column reactor with diameter 0.2 m, heigth 2 m, working volume 50 - 60 L
  • Operation in batch or continuous mode
  • Continuous nutrient and gas supply / Gas recycle system for product gas (H2)
  • Low temperature heating and cooling system
  • Sensors for pH, temperature, turbidity, sun light (PAR) and pO2
  • Fully automatic control & data acquisition system

Additional information
Dr.  Hans Reith
ECN, The Netherlands
Tel. +31 224 56 4371

Photobiological H2 production

Microalgae cultivation